How long will the color last?
How is the color achieved?

LIC Stainless: The color is created through light interference. No pigment is added so neither U.V. nor time will affect the color. The material is warranted by the manufacturer for 50 years provided the maintenance requirements are followed.

TiNi colors are achieved by vapor deposition. Various nitrides are plasmatised to fuse with stainless steel. These surfaces are extremely hard and are traditionally used as wear surfaces. The color will remain constant over time and will create a more uniform appearance than light interference color (LIC).

What colors do you offer?

Stainless LIC: Natural, Pewter, Wheat, Bronze, Blue, Slate, Bronze Gold, Burgundy, Purple/Blue, Peacock, Blue/Green, Charcoal

TiNi: Imperial Gold, Permanent Copper

What Patterns do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of patterns, including wave, dragon skin, pebbled, swirled, embossed, and others. See here for more.

What is the gauge of the steel

Sheets & Coil: 16, 18, 20, 22, or 24* gauge.
*24 gauge is recommended for garage door cladding.

How are the sheets attached to the garage door?

The panel sections are attached to the existing garage door with industrial adhesive. This adhesive has been tested in all weather conditions from extreme heat to well below freezing, and in wind, rain and snow and has held up in all conditions.

How much weight is added to a garage door and what modifications are needed to handle the weight?

The 24 gauge stainless steel cladding adds about 1 pound per square foot of surface area. For a typical double garage door, the cladding will add about 130 pounds. The only modification required to handle this additional weight is the replacement of the springs.

What lead time is required to get the material?

It typically takes about 2-4 weeks to receive the processed material, cut and formed to the dimensions of the customer's existing garage door.
Occasionally, this time frame can be shortened significantly if sufficient quantities of the desired color stainless are in inventory. Not all colors and patterns are maintained in inventory. Depending on the color and pattern selected, the longest lead time expected would be 12-16 weeks.

How much time is required for installation?

The entire installation, including replacement of springs, can usually be accomplished within one day.

Is Approval of a Homeowners' Association required?

This depends upon the specific requirements of an HOA. We advise checking with the HOA or its Architectural Review Committee before committing to purchase the material. We have not experienced any difficulty to date in obtaining approval from HOA, but it is the customer's reponsibility to obtain this approval.

Are there alternative ways or patterns for the installation of the stainless cladding?

Yes. A popular pattern is to clad the door in 4-foot sections with a vertical piece of material (about 1.5" wide) raised slightly up the center line to cover the seams between the pieces. This provides some visual dimension to the door. This is the pattern that is shown on the primary photo on the home page.
Alternatively, for an 8-foot wide door, the cladding material can be applied without seams and seam covers for a "clean" look. For a double door, the material can be applied in two 8-foot sections to each panel with a single seam cover if desired.

What's the best way to clean the colored stainless cladding?

Usually a microfiber cloth is sufficient to clean off surface dust and water spots. For a more detailed discussion of cleaning and removing other contaminants, please see our article on cleaning colored stainless.